Anyone know what tent this is on the lef

North Adventure


\North Adventure Club is a club created to enable anyone who wants to, to be able to get out and do something different. It is always important to create a community that kids feel safe in and also lets them step out of their comfort zone and expeince new things.

we meet every week on friday at 11:45 at .Due to the pandemic we cannot currently be together but we encourage everyone to get out and do fun things on their own. we will be posting fun things you can do on your own on here. Don't let the pandemic stop you and remember to wear a mask!

Denver Adventures

Our goal is to provide new experiences to anyone who wants them completely cost free. we as well want to give back to our community and environment by volunteering in various places in and around Denver.

fill out this google form whenever you think of something you'd like to do and well try to make it happen.